Saturday, February 25, 2012

2-25-2012 Bracket Projections

Through 2-24-2012 games

1's: Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke, Michigan State
2's: Kansas, Missouri, Ohio State, North Carolina
3's: Marquette, Baylor, Michigan, Georgetown
4's: Louisville, Temple, Wichita State, Florida
5's: Notre Dame, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida State
6's: UNLV, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Murray State
7's: New Mexico, Creighton, San Diego State, Gonzaga
8's: Virginia, St. Mary's, Seton Hall, Alabama
9's: Purdue, Memphis, St. Louis, Iowa State
10's:  California, Connecticut, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State
11's:  Harvard, Xaiver, West Virginia, Cincinnati
12's: Washington, BYU, Northwestern vs. Miami (Fla.), Colorado State vs. Texas
13's: Long Beach State, Middle Tennessee, Oral Roberts, Akron
14's: Iona, Drexel, Davidson, Nevada
15's: Belmont, Valparaiso, Weber State, Bucknell
16's: Long Island, Texas- Arlington, UNC- Asheville vs. Savannah St., Stony Brook vs. Mississippi Valley St.

First Four Out: Arizona, Dayton, LSU, NC State, LSU
Next Four Out: South Florida, Central Florida, St. Joe's, Oregon

Bubble Watch

Locks (30): Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke, Michigan State, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio State, North Carolina Marquette, Baylor, Michigan, Georgetown, Louisville, Temple, Wichita State, Florida, Notre Dame, Indiana,Wisconsin, Florida State, UNLV, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Murray State, New Mexico, Creighton, San Diego State, Gonzaga, St. Mary's, Virginia

Should Be In (2): Seton Hall, Purdue

Work to do (37): Alabama, Memphis, St. Louis, California, Connecticut, Iowa State, West Virginia, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, Harvard, Xaiver, Cincinnati, Washington, BYU, Northwestern, Miami (Fla.), Colorado State, Texas, Arizona, Dayton, , NC State, LSU, South Florida, Central Florida, St. Joe's, Oregon, Marshall, Long Beach State, Clemson, Maryland, UMASS, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee

One Bid Leagues- 17

Open Bids for the "work to do section": 19

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